Humboldt Legends Sage OG

This is so weird, but this one was really rough on me. I decide to smoke this one while I am waiting for Solo to come over after work. I light up this joint, and it tastes amazing and burns evenly. I am moving around my apt, straightening things up and then I start getting itchy and really fidgety. So I smoke a little more to get past it and it doesn’t let up. I wasn’t paranoid but really fucking uncomfortable in my own skin. I smoke a little more- and it just doesn’t end well. I take some PLUS CBD gummies and 45 minutes later as I start to feel a little better, Solo comes home and finds me sitting in the bathtub. I gave him the joint, in which he finished it in one setting and then tells me it’s really good, and he has none of the same feelings that I had. So be warned peeps- Sage OG can swing both ways.